Youth Poet Ambassadors of Allegheny County 2021-2022

Aja Lynn is a 16 year Junior at Hampton High School. As an avid creative writer, she appreciates the freedom that poetry provides. She has had the honor to perform her poetry through the Fine Arts program at her church where she is a regular volunteer. She is also a member of her school’s Speech and Debate Team. Aja’s love of performing and writing can also be seen in her involvement in the Drama Club, the Musical, and the after school Writers Club. She hopes to share her love of poetry with fellow students and community members.

Mind and Hand, Pen to Paper
by Aja Lynn

I am not the things I write.
Nor the words that leave my mouth;
My actions and mistakes,
Are nearly indiscernible these days.

On these days, I will not
Regurgitate thoughts that are not mine,
In hoping that integrity
will always live here.

Hearing the difficult things
Never gets easier.
But today I will listen, and
Pay attention like I should have yesterday.

I have important things to write about,
But I am afraid they are not mine
To put words to, to say
It is a terrifyingly vulnerable thing.

Things are big and frightening,
But this world wants us to forget.
Regret has reinforced these walls for long enough,
And I refuse to leave it all to time.

Time will not become my excuse,
with words unloose on my tongue
My writing is not who I am,
But neither is this passivity

I am young, so then,
I still have time.
I’ll fight with my sword, and
Pick up the pen.

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