Youth Poet Ambassador of Allegheny County, 2022-2023

Audrey Alling is a senior at Hampton High School. She has always found refuge in literature and art, but in more recent years she has identified and honed her interest for poetry. Spoken-word, specifically, has made a considerable impact on her life, inspiring her to expand her involvement in theater and also found a club—alongside her friend and classmate Aja—dedicated to providing students with a safe space to showcase art of all forms for the community. Aside from writing, Audrey partakes in other forms of art, such as ceramics and mixed media. She finds herself endlessly grateful for the opportunity to bring ideas to life through this outlet of expression. Audrey ardently anticipates the remainder of this year as a Youth Poet Ambassador of Allegheny County and all the opportunities awaiting her to share to her work!

Read Audrey’s poem “The Comfort of Loss

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