In Conversation with Simten Coşar

In Conversation with Simten Coşar

Ian Davies
August 29, 2022
The architect of "The Everyday Pandemic" talks about the complexities of isolation in the pandemic experience. Simten Coşar is the Associate Editor of Sampsonia Way Magazine and is the architect of our newest series "The Everyday Pandemic." She is a former Scholar-at-Risk and a Visiting Professor at the University of ...
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“Wouldn’t it feel great to have the freedom to fly?”: Q&A with Tuhin Das

“Wouldn’t it feel great to have the freedom to fly?”: Q&A with Tuhin Das

Odessa Patmos
April 26, 2022
Tuhin Das discusses the craft of his newest House Publication on Sampsonia Way — and celebrates the release of his first English-language book. Photo by Tom Little In November 2021, Bangladeshi writer Tuhin Das completed the design of his own House Publication — which he’s titled “Comma House” — joining ...
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"I can't keep myself silent": Q&A with Mai Khoi

“I can’t keep myself silent”: Q&A with Mai Khoi

Sampsonia Way Staff
October 7, 2021
Mai Khoi is a songwriter, pop star, and activist who uses her platform to fight against censorship in her home country Vietnam. Through music, she explains both her love and frustration for Vietnam and why she uses her voice for change rather than fame. Known as the “Lady Gaga of ...
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"Just Look at Us, We're Beautiful": An Interview with féi hernandez

“Just Look at Us, We’re Beautiful”: An Interview with féi hernandez

Delphie Backs
July 28, 2021
Over the years, féi hernandez has learned how to channel their magic into the art ofbecoming Hood Criatura: a beautiful beast — half magic, half person. Through their breakthrough poetry collection, Hood Criatura, féi hernandez illustrates their experiences as a queer, trans, and immigrant adolescent. hernandez describes their debut collection ...
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Love, Imprisonment, & Exile: In conversation with Fatemeh Ekhteseri

Love, Imprisonment, & Exile: In conversation with Fatemeh Ekhteseri

Natalie Frank
May 6, 2021
Fatemeh Ekhtesari is an Iranian poet, artist, and human rights activist who was forced to flee Iran after she was charged with “insulting sanctities” in her poetry and sentenced to 11 1/2 years in prison and 99 lashes. Now in Lillehammer, Norway, Ekhtesari is working on a collection of personal ...
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