Exit West

Moshin Hamid

When Nadia and Saeed fall in love in a distant unnamed city, they are just like any other young couple. But soon bullets begin to fly, fighter jets streak the sky, and curfews fall. As the spell of violence spreads, they flee their country, leaving behind their loved ones. Early in Exit West, the author Mohsin Hamid explains that geography is destiny, and in the case of his two young lovers, geography dictates that they must leave. Hamid offers up a fantastical device to deliver his refugees to places: they pass through magic doors. 

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Moshin Hamid

About the Author

Mohsin Hamid is the author of four novels, MOTH SMOKE, THE RELUCTANT FUNDAMENTALIST, HOW TO GET FILTHY RICH IN RISING ASIA, and EXIT WEST, and a book of essays, DISCONTENT AND ITS CIVILIZATIONS. His writing has been featured on bestseller lists, adapted for the cinema, twice shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize, selected as winner or finalist of more than thirty awards, and translated into over thirty-five languages. Born in Lahore, he has spent about half his life there and much of the rest in London, New York, and California.

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Michael David

"I follow up on Yaghoub Yadali since 2005. I’ve read all his books, I find him a talented author who gives a lot of useful tips and generously sharing with his readers.

Moshin Hamid

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